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Like your own life, your skin is continuously undergoing a process of transformation and renewal. Seasons, hormones, stress, sleep patterns, diet and exposure to the elements all inform the health and vibrancy of the skin.

It is our intention to hold a space for you that is focused, restorative and nourishing, so as to support the unfolding of your beautiful inner luminosity. We encourage skincare routines that are simple and enjoyable—grounded in self-love, rather than self-criticism and shame. In a small yet meaningful way, a conscientious self-care practice serves as a reparative antidote to the harmful, oppressive standards of beauty that pervade our patriarchal culture.


60 minutes : $90
75 minutes : $105
90 minutes : $115

(prices may potentially vary between therapists)

At Satya, our customized, holistic facials are designed to address all skin types and conditions, including acne, rosacea, dehydration, hyper-sensitivity, depletion from over-exfoliation, and concerns about wrinkles and fine lines. We listen carefully to any needs you would like addressed. We then assess and develop a session designed especially for you, thoughtfully choosing the products that will be most beneficial.

Because we believe that beauty is a process of gentle unfolding from within, an outward expression of inner self-love and joy, we place utmost importance on facilitating a state of deep relaxation during each and every facial. A typical session will include cleansing, facial steam, facial massage, lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, optional extractions, moisturizing for the face and décolletage, as well as ample massage for the shoulders, neck, and arms. We only use and sell skincare products that are truly close to nature, drawing on Ayurveda and herbal wisdom. We support women-owned businesses that create their products in small batches on the west coast.


35 minutes : $55

This 35 minute treatment targets your specific skincare concerns. Ideal for maintaining your skin’s health in between treatments or for a quick refresh!


60 minutes : $90
75 minutes : $105
90 minutes : $115

This facial addresses men’s skin issues including ingrown hairs, razor burn, excess oil and clogged pores. A blend of organic oils, plants, and herbs are infused into the skin to help balance and aid in the detoxification process. The result is smooth and rejuvenated skin.


60 minutes : $90
75 minutes : $105
90 minutes : $115

After a careful analysis of the skin we will gently treat breakouts, oiliness and sensitivity. A homecare regimen will be taught for proper maintenance and skin health.


60 minutes : $90
75 minutes : $105
90 minutes : $115

The same facial experience but tailored to your back. Deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and a customized masque will be applied. Let us treat these hard-to-reach areas for smoother, clear skin.



Organic Airbrush Tanning : $30
Organic Airbrush Tanning on-location : $40
Brow Tinting : $15
Lash Tinting : $18


Brow design : $15
Lip : $10
Chin : $10
Bikini : $30
French bikini : $35
Brazilian : $70
Maintenance Brazilian : $55
Underarm : $18
Full arm : $30 / Half arm : $20
Full leg : $60 / Half leg : $30
Full leg and bikini : $80 / Half leg and bikini : $50
Back Wax : $50

After a careful analysis of the skin we will gently treat breakouts, oiliness and sensitivity. A homecare regimen will be taught for proper maintenance and skin health.